Brandon Marshall stands at 6-4, 229 pounds. He's a big target. A deep threat. A perennial Pro Bowler.

He could be a Patriot.

That is, according to the latest rumors and conjecture swirling around after a report surfaced today from the Chicago Tribune that the stud wide receiver could be on his way out of Chicago.

The Patriots don't really have a desperate need for a deep threat receiver. This is a team that just won the Super Bowl with Julian Edelman as their number one target.

Still, there's now an opportunity to get good value for a receiver like Marshall and its hard to think the Patriots aren't at least interested.

This all of course depends on the accuracy of Rand Getlin's report, and just exactly where that mid-round pick might fall. After that, the Patriots may want Marshall to restructure his contract. He comes with an at least $9 million cap hit in every year of his current deal which exponentially grows each season, capping out at $10,375,000 in 2017.

To put that in perspective, it would place Marshall as the second or third (pending how Darrelle Revis' contract situation plays out) highest earner on the Patriots.

This isn't likely to be a priority for New England right now, who are more concerned with shoring up their championship defense with re-signings of Devin McCourty and Revis.

It's also easy to forget, but Marshall does have some ties to New England. And not good ones.

Marshall was at the center of one of the conflicts with Josh McDaniels when he was head coach in Denver. McDaniels of course now runs the Patriots offense. That might be awkward. The two famously clashed heads when the coach benched Marshall twice for "conduct detrimental to the team" and eventually traded him to the Miami Dolphins.

It's also crucial to note that Marshall has been involved in domestic violence incidents while in the NFL, dating back to 2007. The receiver does seem to have matured since then though. He later came out and revelead that he had been struggling with borderline personality disorder and ever since has been raising awareness for mental illness. Still, he was traded from the Dolphins and now looks to be traded from Chicago after more locker room turmoil this year.

Is Brandon Marshall coming to New England? Likely not unless he is released.

It's nice to dream though.

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