3 potential landing spots for Vince WIlfork

Robb Carr/Getty Images
With the Patriots not picking Vince Wilfork's option, it's time to move on (as much as I don't want to) and look at where he might end up. A quick disclaimer that the teams listed are based on relevant stats from 2014 and team cap space.

1.) Chicago Bears: The Bears need help on defense. Like, a lot of help. Once one of the best defenses in the National Football League, now barely a shadow of what it used to be. They were ranked 30th in total defense at377.1 total yards per game and 17th in rush defense at 112.7 YPG. The good news for them is they have about $28.6 million in cap space to make something happen in the off-season. Will Da Bears make a move for Wilfork? Who knows, but the fact remains that the Bears need tons of defensive help.

2.) Green Bay Backers: If the Packers want to win another Super Bowl ring, their run defense is something they have to work on, and signing Wilfork will help with that. Wilfork will help solidify a front line that ranked 23rd in run defense (119.9 YPG), as well as make it easier for Clay Matthews to rush the passer, as he'll draw offensive lineman to him. Getting to the passer was somewhat of a problem for Green Bay - they were middle of the pack when it came to sacks (30.0 total sacks), and Vince would at least make it easier for others to get to the passer because of what I just mentioned. And the good news is that if the Packers want to make a move, they have about $32.5 million in cap space.

3.) Cincinnati Bengals: The Bengals ranked 20th in run defense (116.3 YPG), and 22rd in total defense (359.3 YPG), and like I said above, Vince could really help improve any defense wherever he goes. The Bengals are a couple of pieces away from being able to actually win a playoff game, and Vince could be one of those pieces. And with his veteran presence, he could be a big boost for that team. The Bengals also have $39.3 million in cap space so Wilfork could get his and possibly win now. That is, assuming Andy Dalton can actually show up in clutch time. And that assumes a lot.

It's basically a choice between whether Vince wants to win now or get his money. Either is a viable option for him, and I'm sure he'll have plenty of suitors when free agency hits.

Stats from ESPN. Cap info from overthecap.com.