DeAngelo Williams still bitter about being snubbed by Patriots in '06 draft

DeAngelo Williams, now with the Pittsburgh Steelers, is still upset that the Patriots take Laurence Maroney over him in the 2006 NFL Draft. So much so that he wants to use it as motivation to help the Steelers beat the defending champs in Week 1 of the upcoming season. 

Maroney was taken 21st overall by New England, and Williams was taken 27th by the Panthers.

This was a photo that he posted to his Facebook page yesterday:

Williams also posted a little message under the photo saying "9 years ago NE drafted Laurence Maroney over me and 9 years later it still motivates me! (oh and i still dislike them lol...can't wait till week 1)." 

Maybe picking Williams would have been the better option, if the Patriots knew then what they know now. Maroney was traded to Denver in 2010 after failing to live up to lofty expectations and only lasted a year before he completely fizzled out. He was last heard from in April 2011, when he was arrested for possessing a weapon but was released when police found out he had a permit to carry a concealed weapon. 

Williams will likely be tasked with being the No. 1 running option for the Steelers when they take on the Pats, as Le'Veon Bell will be out due to a suspension. 

This will be one of the many story lines going into this game, and I can't wait. 

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