In the 2012 NFL Draft, the New England Patriots twice traded up in the first round to draft Chandler Jones and Dont'a Hightower to help with the front seven on defense. In those three seasons since then they have proven they were worth trading up to get them.

Since they were both first round draft picks it means that their contracts come with a team exercised fifth year option. Today, according to sources, the Patriots exercised those options on both Jones and Hightower.

The fifth year option becomes guaranteed on the the first day of the next league year, and will have a large monetary increase for the players. While the exact numbers for Jones and Hightower aren't known yet this is the formula for coming up with the compensation.

Ruling Sports

If a player is picked 1-10, then the 5th year option is going to be the average of the top-10 players at the respective player’s position. So, if you’re quarterback and go number-two in the Draft, then your fifth year option salary will be the average of the top-ten quarterbacks. The option is exercised after the third season, so it would be based upon the top-ten quarterback salaries at that time. If you’re picked 11-32, then the 5th year club option is the average salary of the top 3rd through 25th player in that position.

Jones and Hightower were picked in the 11-32 category meaning they will have the average salary of the 3rd through 25 players at their respective positions.

That doesn't mean that they will be playing for that though, as the fifth year option gives teams extra time and incentives to give the player a new contract to help with the salary cap implications.

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