If there are 2 things that Rex Ryan never actually felt shy about, is hating on the Patriots in the same way you'd hate someone cutting you off on the road and speaking his mind. Have you been following him this week when during a radio interview he discussed free agency and put his 2 cents in about it? Find out how free agency moved the football betting odds here!

Well, during the interview with Toronto's SportsNet 590, Ryan said that lately the Dolphins have actually gotten better. It wasn’t the Dolphins only, as he went on to nominate The Buffalo Bills and also the Jets. But there was just one team that he said just didn’t make the cut. That team is the Patriots.

In an interview with ESPN.com, Ryan said that he feels pretty great about what they've added and that the conference is notably stronger. He continued saying that if you could say losers and winners in free agency, it would be more than obvious that New England did need to lay off a few players. So compared to how they ranked in the past, currently they aren't as strong as they used to be. Ryan went on wishing that NE don't get any stronger, since they just won the Super Bowl and getting even better may make them impossible to beat.

If you stop for a minute and really dig into what Ryan has said, you realize that he doesn't actually exaggerate. Compared to any other team in the AFC East, the Patriots scored the biggest losses. Since free agency began on March 10th, NE has lost quite a few players, including Shane Vereen, Brandon Browner and Vince Wilfork. On top of that, there are 3 other teams in the AFC East who are slowly, but certainly getting stronger since they're adding more and more players.

While the Patriots lost Revis to the Jets, the most notable splash of free agency was made by the Dolphins who managed to sign Ndamukong Suh. Just to put it out there, Ryan did actually mention that he doesn't want the team to reunite with Revis. He went on to say that his team already has an amazing secondary and given the high price they would've had to pay for Revis, it was just not a deal worth pursuing.

However, there are quite a few players the Bills did end up pursuing. Just in the first 5 days of free agency, Buffalo traded for LeSean McCoy and signed Percy Harvin. Given the moves mentioned above, Ryan believes that the Dolphins, the Bills and the Jets finally have what it takes in order to close the gap with the Patriots. He said that the rest of the division is a lot stronger now and there's literally no doubt about that.

After letting it all out about free agency in his truly unmistakable style, Ryan was asked one last question by the reporters: What games would he encircle in his calendar when this year's schedule comes out? To no one's surprise, Ryan said "both the NE games".

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