Chris Yuscavage, Complex:
Aaron Hernandez is still finding news ways to get himself into trouble.

According to CNN, Hernandez was reprimanded by officials at the Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center in Massachusetts on Monday after he was involved in a gang-related fight. Hernandez didn't actually throw any punches or get into a physical altercation. But he did allegedly serve as a lookout for a fellow inmate who went into another inmate's cell to start a fight. All three men were disciplined for their roles in the fight, a prison source told CNN.

The disgraced football star has plenty of time on his hands as he awaits trial for the killings of Daniel Abreu and Safiro Furtado. Abreu had spilled a drink on Aaron at a Boston nightclub in 2012. Hernandez is serving life in prison with no possibility of parole for the execution style slaying of semi-pro football player, Odin Lloyd in 2013.

Cindy Boren, Washington Post:
Hernandez stood guard as an inmate entered the cell of a third inmate and began a fight Monday night. Hernandez fought with another prisoner at the Bristol County jail while he was awaiting trial.

Hernandez has also been charged with an earlier double-murder in the Boston area and could learn his trial date Thursday.

On a day that New England Patriots' owner Bob Kraft waved the white flag in his fight against the NFL, former Patriots' TE Aaron Hernandez continued his battle against society. Bob Kraft took the high road, hoping to fight another day while not wanting to wage a lawsuit against his fellow owners.

For Aaron Hernandez, this is Round Two of a heavyweight fight. Aaron was involved in a fight last year at the Bristol County Jail while he was awaiting his murder trial. This time, Hernandez served as the lookout as a fellow inmate went into a man's cell and attacked another. His involvement in the gang-related fight comes only 34 days after his sentencing for first-degree murder.

Fights at the Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center are fairly common. The most famous was the August 23, 2003 attack on John Geoghan, a defrocked Roman Catholic priest and convicted child molester. Geoghan was assaulted in prison and taken to Leominster Hospital where he died of his head injuries. Inmate Joseph Druce confessed to the killing. Druce was already facing a life sentence. The trial at the Worcester Superior Court may have uncovered some lax behavior by the guards in their security measures. Several correction officials, including the corrections commissioner, were removed from their jobs.

Aaron Hernandez sports a “BLOOD” tattoo on his right hand, a gang sign associated with the Bristol Bloods. Hernandez’s involvement, in what CNN reported as a gang-related fight, landed him in a special management section. I don't see this fight for Aaron Hernandez going the distance.

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