Arkansas Coach compares Pats pick Flowers to JJ Watt

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A couple of college coaches have come out positively in favor of the picks the Patriots have made. Yesterday, FSU o-line coach Rick Trickett said he wished the Pats would take all of his players. Today, Bret Bielma, Arkansas coach compared Patriots 4th round pick Trey Flowers to JJ Watt.

CBS Sports:

Well, Flowers' former college coach has another idea of what kind of player Flowers is. Bret Bielema, who used to coach at Wisconsin, sees similarities between Flowers and one of his former Wisconsin standouts. “I will say this -- I’m cautious to compare anyone to J.J. Watt, but Trey’s mentality and his work ethic and his attitude is like J.J.,” Bielema said Tuesday when asked about Flowers, per WEEI. “They have a similar approach to the game. Trey just goes hard, especially when the situation is biggest.”

According to CBS Sports, Flowers isn't quite as big as Watt (6'2", 265 vs 6'5", 289), and his senior season wasn't quite as productive (44 tackles, 13.5 for a loss and 5.5 sacks for Flowers vs 62 tackles, 21.0 for loss and 7.0 sacks for Watt), but you know you're doing something right when your coach is comparing you to one of the best defensive players in the game.

If Flowers lives up to that, then he'll be a force. The only question is whether he can catch touchdowns as well as Watt can.