According to Adam Schefter, a source has indicated that a date has been selected for Tom Brady's appeal hearing to take place.

Waiting till the end of June continues to drag this issue out. If Brady isn't satisfied with the results of the June 23rd hearing he can take the matter to the courts. Of course after the appeal hearing takes place there is only a little over two months left before the start of the season. Making a resolution before the opening game a long shot. An injunction can always be filed by the courts that could allow Brady on the field but that isn't a certainty.

But on the other side of having this much time before the appeal is heard, it gives Brady and the NFLPA time to get Roger Goodell removed as the arbitrator and get a neutral party in place which is good for all involved. Unless you were excited to see Goodell do his best Eddie Murphy impression and play every character including the Witness, Judge, and Jury.

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