On Toucher and Rich this morning, Wes Welker sounded like the guy who had a few too many drinks and started calling his ex-girlfriends. Telling them how sorry he was he left.

After Welker left the Patriots he talked about how his relationship with head coach Bill Belichick had deteriorated. Bolting to a conference rival was just the final nail in the coffin.

But after Brandon Spikes returned to the team this offseason after making inflammatory comments about the team, stating that "he and the hoodie had kissed and made up" it looks as though Welker has decided to try and do the same.

Roster spots for an aging slot receiver that has been concussion prone will be hard to come by on this Patriots roster. Welker's old position has been manned quite handily by Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola since he left. Its hard to imagine that Welker would be considered an upgrade over either. So barring injury it looks as though it won't happen.

Welker was also asked about what it was like seeing the Patriots win the Super Bowl.

Welker joined the Broncos to chase that Super Bowl that had eluded him twice while with the Patriots, but came up short. 43-8 short. Then to see your old team get there and beat the team you lost the previous year to has to be a tough pill to swallow.

He also made sure to back Tom Brady in Deglate-Gate.

So if we are keeping score Welker has made sure to point out that he is healthy and would love to play for the Patriots. He was happy for his old teammates for winning the Super Bowl but wished he was a part of it and that Brady didn't deflate any footballs while he was there.

Sounds like he has covered all his bases, now the only thing to do is to pucker up and hope the hoodie comes by to the kissing booth.

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