The Deflategate controversy took an interesting turn on Tuesday when Robert Kraft threw in the towel instead of challenging the NFL like many thought he would.

On Sports Tonight, Michael Felger suggested Kraft did an about-face with his argument because he and coach Bill Belichick were starting to believe that Brady wasn't being completely transparent with what he told them.

After debating for several days, Patriots' owner Bob Kraft decided against appealing the DeFlateGate penalties imposed by the NFL. With no support from his fellow owners, it would have been an exercise in futility. Bob took his lumps and reluctantly moved on.

The decision by Bob Kraft to drop his appeal against the NFL appeared to benefit QB Tom Brady. It was a magnanimous gesture by the Patriots owner to think long term, and not muddy the waters for his star QB to get his four game suspension reduced. It was interesting to hear that "Kraft did not say whether Brady should drop his fight."

"Belichick never believed his story, from what I was told," said Borges. Nobody's backed [Brady]. Nobody, not a single guy. Why do you think that is? Because they hate Brady? No. Because they're not stupid. They know nothing's done with those balls that the quarterback doesn't want done."

In this game of high stakes poker, the NFL is the HOUSE.
Tom Brady has lost the support of his owner, his head coach, and all QB's retired or active.

It might be time to "know when to fold 'em." Four games will go by in a flash.

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