Add ex-Patriots wide receiver Randy Moss to Brady's supporters
Ex-Patriots wide receiver Randy Moss and Tom Brady have always had a good relationship. And Randy has officially come out on Tom Brady's side in this Deflate-Gate saga according to NESN.

“I’ve always stood in Tom’s corner,” Moss told the Fayetteville Observer before opening his Randy Moss Academy Football Camp in North Carolina. “I called myself a professional but that man was definitely a letter grade above me.” According to Moss, whatever “evidence” the NFL thinks it has doesn’t exactly qualify as facts. Nor, Moss explained, should Brady be punished for it. “Over some air?” Moss asked. “If he did it, so what? He hasn’t shown me anything but how he carries himself as a professional man, husband, father and athlete. “Tom Brady is a pro’s pro. I love the man and everything he’s accomplished.”

I'm glad Randy Moss knows what's up. I just wish Roger Goodell had as much sense. But the whole reason we're still talking about this 6 months after this "story" originally broke after the AFC Championship game is because Goodell doesn't have any sense. But, standing ovation to Randy Moss for standing behind his ex-quarterback's back. Now, it's about time for Goodell to overturn Brady's suspension so we can finally start talking about football. I'm suffering from major Deflate Gate fatigue.