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There are only three things that are a surety in this life. Death, Taxes and the Patriots and Jets players hating each other.

So with Tom Brady being suspended 4 games, Jets players must be ecstatic right? Not so fast.

Jets corner back Antonio Cromartie has been pretty outspoken towards the Patriots in the past and today he decided to speak up about them again. But this time it was in support.

Excuse me while I pick up my jaw off of the ground. The fact that Cromartie feels that Brady shouldn't be suspended even though it directly benefits him and his team is amazing. Even more so that he is the Jets cornerback defending Brady and not the one that played and won a Super Bowl with him last year.

This comes on the heels of Bart Hubbuch saying that he doesn't see any current or former players supporting Brady.

I guess a bitter rival falls into that category.

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Thome 8/06/2015 12:33:00 PM Edit

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