Tom Brady on Mark Brunell and the media: "He's a Patriot hater. They all are!"

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Tom Brady and the NFLPA scored a big victory on Tuesday when US District Judge Richard Berman refused to let either party submit evidence under seal as a way to encourage both sides to come together on a settlement.

Part of the PA's evidence was a slew of e-mails Brady sent off his team account from September of last year to March of this year. In total, 1,408 pages were submitted, and there were a few highlights from the mass of material, with his jab at ESPN analyst Mark Brunell and the rest of the media topping the list.

On January 22, four days after the AFC Title Game, Brady responded to an e-mail sent to him by calling Brunell "a [sic] patriot hater," adding "They all are!", most certainly in reference to the media and their handling of the early stages of Deflategate, as well as how the team's been covered as a whole in the Brady/Belichick Era.

When asked by his longtime friend why Deflategate was mushrooming into an uncontrollable monster, Brady simply replied “we are the patriots everything is a big deal.”

It makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside to know that Brady himself is just as pissed off as the rest of us when it comes to the media and talking heads making mountains out of molehills with the Pats.