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As Pats quarterback Tom Brady continues his fight to clear his name in the Deflategate saga, he's seeing support from all corners of New England, and he definitely needs it anyway he can get it. 

Downeast Cider House, based out of Boston, are the latest to jump into the movement. They posted a picture to their official Instagram account with "Free Tom Brady" stamped onto the bottom of one of their cans just above the expiration date.

Check it out below:
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"Sure, it's probably a meaningless gesture, but at this point, it's about something more," said Ross Brockman, co-founder of Downeast Cider. "It's no longer about the "Ideal Gas Law" or the Wells Report or "more probable than not." It's about being from New England and standing behind one of our guys."

We should probably go out and buy a six-pack of Downeast cider, not only because they're fighting the good fight but also because it's actually really damn good.

Ever so slightly, we're seeing on a national scale that the tide is turning on how Roger Goodell and the NFL both mishandled and over-punished Brady for his role in Deflategate. With each day, the NFL's looking worse and worse in their crazed battle to railroad Brady by misrepresenting facts and covering up how much they knew in their shoddy investigation.


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