Phil Perry, CSNNE:
It popped up at a new locale on Wednesday night: the 2015 Patriots Hall of Fame induction where Willie McGinest and Houston Antwine were enshrined into The Hall at Patriot Place.

To kick off the ceremony, Patriots president Jonathan Kraft took the podium to explain that The Hall means to the organization and how it came to be. During that introduction, he couldn't help but take a jab at the NFL for Deflategate.

"We wanted to make that experience, that celebrated all of these men and their accomplishments, interactive," Kraft said. "So we spent a lot of time and energy and incorporated technology into every piece of it.

"I think that people have never had the full appreciation -- and as we've seen in the last year, maybe still don't have the full appreciation -- for how important math and science are in the game of football."

The silent partner. A phantom. An apparition. Second cousin to Harvey the Rabbit. I conjured him out of thin air. He doesn't exist... except on paper.

That is who New England Patriots president Jonathan Kraft was before yesterday. Jonathan has been his father's right hand-man for 25 years, and his fiercest defender. The NFL made it too easy for Jonathan to throw a jab at vice president of operations Troy Vincent "who was not aware of the ideal gas law." This is the same Troy Vincent who recommended a four game suspension for Tom Brady, yet he is unfamiliar with the most important aspects of the case.

Among the hoopla, Jonathan Kraft remained focused on the task at hand while strolling the sidelines at the AFC Championship game.

Bob Hohler, Boston Globe:
Jonathan Kraft has long endured mockery about his family lineage, that he holds a gold key to the Lucky DNA Club. But those who know him say he has shrugged off the insults and embraced the role of his father’s understudy.

The owner of the Indianapolis Colts, Jim Irsay could learn a thing or two by watching how a real son should behave.

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