New York Jets stay mad at Geno Smith, on and off field

USA Today:
The New York Jets flagged Geno Smith for a false start.

Smith was photographed by the New York Post playing catch with a friend outside his New Jersey apartment Saturday, two days after the quarterback had jaw surgery. Smith had plates and screws inserted into the jaw, which was broken by a punch from then-teammate Ikemefuna Enemkpali on Tuesday.

The newspaper published a front-page image of Smith, his face swollen with black bandages on each cheek.

"He shouldn't be doing it right now," coach Todd Bowles said Sunday. "We handled that internally. We had that discussion."

Mild mannered first year Jets' head coach Todd Bowles didn't make a big deal out of Geno Smith playing catch. Bowles is well aware of Geno Smith's passing efficiency. Smith finished the 2014 season with a 3-10 record as a starter with 13 TD's and 13 interceptions. A little practice never hurt anybody.

While it is an issue for Smith to show such a blatant disregard for his own safety, the bigger issue may be that no teammate, other than WR Brandon Marshall, has come to his defense following the suckerpunch by LB Ik Enemkpali. This could be a ploy by Marshall to seek favor with Geno Smith upon his return from injury. Brandon Marshall had nothing but good things to say about QB Jay Cutler while he was a member of the Chicago Bears. After his trade to the New York, "Jay Cutler is not one of my favorites." The tandem played together for six seasons, three with Denver and three in Chicago.

Nancy Armour, USA Today:
Instead of drafting a top-notch quarterback, however, the Jets in their infinite wisdom decided instead to stick with Smith and take on a project in Bryce Petty in the fourth round. They did sign journeyman Ryan Fitzpatrick, and it’s further indictment of the entire organization that most people think the Jets are actually improved because of Tuesday’s locker room bust-up.

In this, the few blissful weeks of the year in which every NFL team has Super Bowl aspirations and every quarterback is a potential MVP, it should surprise absolutely no one that the Jets are once again putting the “fun” in “dysfunctional.”

A third-stringer punches your starting quarterback, and the team actually comes out the better for it. That’s so Jets.

It was November 6, 2001 and the Minnesota Twins were notified that they would be one of two teams to be contracted. A dispersal draft would be held and the Twins would be eliminated from Major League Baseball. Hennepin County District Court Judge Harry Crump helped prevent the contraction of the Twins when he granted an injunction because of the “irreparable harm” that would have resulted if the Twins exited their lease early and the “public interest” in assuring that the team play out the final year of its lease.

There isn't a judge alive who would block the New York Jets from contraction.

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