VIDEO: ESPN apologizes to Patriots

At around 12:20 this morning, ESPN issued an apology to the New England Patriots after wrongly citing a 2002 report about the Patriots Spy-Gate scandal. Here is Hannah Storm referencing that with her interview with former Bears head coach Mike Ditka.


That report found that the Patriots were not caught taping the Rams practice and Ditka was completely right in his statements.

Here is the apology that aired last night when most of New England was sleeping.


Can you bury the apology any deeper? In the middle of the midnight edition of SportsCenter? I saw it live and thought it had to be a replay because they couldn't possibly be doing this at that time. Now I'm not saying to lead with it in the prime time, but the World Wide Leader could have at least acted like they were attempting to be sincere.

It's also such an umbrella statement of an apology. Was it really Hannah Storm's interview with Ditka or was it one of the litany of other questionable claims made on the air or on Twitter by its employees? It seems like now ESPN can reference this apology for anything regarding the Patriots going forward and that's a cop-out.

Da-Da-Da ... Da-Da-Da

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