If you've been following Deflategate day-by-day for the past seven months like the rest us of have been doing, you've probably run into Michael McCann once or twice in that time.

McCann is a legal analyst for Sports Illustrated, as well as a law professor at the University of New Hampshire, and he's been popping in and out of radio stations and TV programs across Boston to break down the happenings from each twist and turn Deflategate takes. Coming off Wednesday's court hearing in New York in which Judge Richard Berman smacked the NFL around, McCann cited Alan Milstein, a lawyer who has no connection to Deflategate but who has gone up against the NFL in front of Judge Berman before, as saying that it's a fait accompli Berman will lift Tom Brady's four-game suspension:
Again, for someone that's battled the NFL in court proceedings with Judge Berman acting as the middle man before, we'll definitely take Milstein's word for it!

The two sides are scheduled for another court hearing in New York next Wednesday, but Brady himself will reportedly not have to be present at the hearing. Berman is still looking to bring both sides together on a settlement, although the NFL is still holding out that Brady has to accept the findings of the Wells Report as one of the conditions of a potential settlement, something Brady will not agree to.

[photo via www.komonews.com]

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