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There was once a time when it seemed like Rex Ryan could be the head coach of the New York Jets until he retired, but things quickly took a turn for the worse. According to Ryan, that may have had something to do with questionable motives from the front office.

In an interview with the New York Post on Friday after his first training camp practice with the Buffalo Bills, Ryan took some subtle shots at Jets owner Woody Johnson and former general manager John Idzik.

“I had great experiences with the Jets, but … there are no personal agendas here,” he said. “From the organization, from top to bottom, hey, we might not be perfect but I know one thing: We’re all in, we’re all moving in the same direction and we’re going to get there. We don’t necessarily know 100 percent where we’re going, but we’re going to get there together. We want to win and we want to win right now.”

We know all about the New York Jets fan club that sells tee shirts so they can pay to send a plane carrying a banner to broadcast their agenda. The record of 4-12 for the 2014 Jets can be attributed to the owner and general manager putting low caliber players on the field, and not the coaching. "Was every single person going in the same direction? I’m not sure, said Rex.”

Games over .500: -4
Super Bowl Wins: 0
Overall Championships: 0
Conference Championships: 0
Division Championships: 0

The new legendary head coach of the Buffalo Bills brings a record of 46-50 in the regular season, and a 4-2 playoff record to Orchard Park. The career mark of 50-52 signifies a 49% winning record. That mark trails Marvin Lewis of the Cincinnati Bengals at 100-90 and Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Lovie Smith at 83-77.

The head coaching career of Rex Ryan can be best summed up by former Cincinnati Reds manager, Ray Knight. At spring training in 1997, Knight addressed the ballclub. His opening remarks in spring training in response to a recap of the 1996 season were " I won 81. You guys lost 81."

Please tell us when you have a .500 record so we can praise you for such a worthy accomplishment, Rex. That will tie you with your father, Buddy Ryan who had a career 55-55 record.

No reason to set the bar high if one can hop over the low one.

Paul Murphy is a freelance writer from New Hampshire. .

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