A new report by ESPN has shown that players may feel that the Patriots did not necessarily cheat in the AFC Championship Game.

The survey shows that 72% of players think that the Patriots deflated footballs, and only 28% of the players interviewed disagreed with that. A major point the survey shows is that only 16% of the players interviewed were upset with the Patriots for allegedly deflating footballs. 42% thought they were cheaters, while 58% disagreed. And finally, 48% of players think that deflated footballs impact the outcome of games, while 52% thought deflated footballs do not affect the outcome. Players think that Tom Brady should be suspended around 1.5 games, only because of his refusal to share evidence.

An astounding 68% of players thought that other teams tamper with balls.

Doesn't this make you wonder why only Tom Brady is being punished for this when Adrian Peterson abused his son, or when Ray Rice abused his then fiancee? Only 12% of players thought that discipline should be handled by Roger Goodell. Do you think it is fair that Brady's being punished by somebody who the players don't even think should be in charge?

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Robert Brodin 8/13/2015 01:47:00 PM Edit

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