Tom Brady may have found the missing leak

Pat Bradley, NESN:
Tom Brady just gained some valuable material for his court case against the NFL.

After the NFL makes rules changes and pinpoints specific points of emphasis for officiating crews in the offseason, a group of officials make the rounds to NFL training camps to advise players, coaches and staff of the changes and new information.

Gary Slaughter, the Central Region supervisor of officials, met with the media Friday in one of those visits at Pittsburgh Steelers camp to discuss the new protocol the league has implemented for checking footballs and recording air pressure measurements in the wake of the Deflategate saga. In the process, he readily admitted something NFL commissioner Roger Goodell probably wishes he hadn’t: There have been issues with football inflation in the past.

“These are man-made products,” Slaughter said, via the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “There is a bladder and a valve. We have all checked them for many years. Sometimes when you check the ball in the locker room right out of the box, there could be a problem. They could have a slow leak, and you wouldn’t even know it at the time.”

As Tom Brady celebrates his 38th birthday, he may have received the best present money can buy. NFL officials have revealed that footballs may have leaks "right out of the box." This is important information that Tom may provide as he wishes to end his conflict with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. The conference, scheduled with New York Judge Richard Berman on August 12, will be the first meeting prior to the August 19 hearing.

Greg Rosenthal, NFL:
According to paperwork obtained by NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport, the league and players' union jointly filed paperwork asking New York Judge Richard Berman to rule on Tom Brady's lawsuit by Sept. 4. And Berman quickly agreed to a timeline that should have the Brady conflict resolved well before Week 1, according to documents.

Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers likes the footballs pumped high at 16 PSI. New England Patriots QB Tom Brady likes it low at 12.5 PSI. Los Angeles Lakers center Shaquille O' Neal claims to have let air out of the basketball during timeouts. New York Knicks forward Phil Jackson used to deflate basketballs while he sat on the bench in the 1970's.

The Penn State child abuse sex scandal took over the world in November, 2011. It appeared that the story would never end. A $60 million fine, four-year bowl ban, scholarship reductions and forfeiture of all wins from 1998-2011, reduced head football coach Joe Paterno’s NCAA record from 409 wins to 298. After three years, the wins were restored and Penn State student government association voted against any reopening of the Louis Freeh Report, symbolizing those who would move on and underscoring the divide.

Judge Richard Berman will be remembered for ending the DeFlateGate scandal. The circle on the calendar of September 4 will mark the last mention of the Ted Wells report. The judge can get back to making tough decisions on the penalties for "failing to yield, taking a right on red, or jaywalking." Eight months on the talk of air pressure and its effects on throwing a football are "cruel and unusual punishment."

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