Tom Brady is a fiery guy. So much so that he continually trash-talked his defense over the weekend after a second-team touchdown was scored on a goal-line drill.

Brady was seen raising his arms and screaming. It's all in good fun, according to Malcolm Butler. 

Per The Associated Press: 

"When we're at practice, I tell Tom, 'Throw the ball. Throw at me. Throw at me,'" Butler said.

Brady did, connecting near the end of the morning workout with Julian Edelman. The receiver popped up, spun the ball at Butler's feet and chest-bumped Brady. The QB then let Butler have it, too.

"A little trash talk each way won't hurt," Butler said, smiling.

If Brady's actions are an indication of how he'll act throughout the season, he's going to go ballistic every game.

Sign. Me. Up.

Brady, by many reports, has been razor sharp all throughout training camp. It seems Jimmy Garoppolo has been solid as well, but of course Brady has been the bigger story. Every time he took the field, he was greeted with raucous applause and cheers. The guy's reputation in New England is as strong as ever.

Today is also his 38th birthday, but that won't stop him from working his tail off. Brady took a lot of reps with the first team offense, but one has to wonder when Garoppolo will get more reps with them due to the possibility of him playing a couple games as a starter this year.

All of that remains to be seen and is another story for another time. Knowing Brady has been his usual self on the field means that good things are coming.

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Jesse Gaunce 8/03/2015 10:17:00 AM Edit

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