NFL absolves Pats, says team "had nothing to do" with communication problems

Hey Pittsburgh and Mike Tomlin, you can shove it up your paranoid, suspicious keister all the way back to Heinz Field.

After reviewing last night's ordeal in which the headsets on the Pittsburgh sidelines went haywire a few minutes into the game, the National Football League has released a statement absolving the Patriots of any kind of wrongdoing at all. In any way whatsoever. Completely, 100% innocent.


Here is the NFL's official statement on the matter, in which they conclude that an electrical issue made worse by inclement weather is to blame for the interference:
The league's statement comes just a few hours after the Steelers confirmed they were in fact not filing a complaint with the NFL over the suspicious happenings.

We now await the Steelers accusing the Patriots of controlling the weather patterns in an effort to indirectly interfere with the electrical connections of the communication devices thus throwing off the coaching staff and allowing Bill Belichick and Co. to gain an unfair competitive advantage, which aided in their 28-21 victory.

Oh look, Gronkowski just waltzed into the end zone untouched for another touchdown.

Photo Credit: Bleacher Report