Patriots can make a statement on Sunday towards the Colts

Yes we've heard Rex Ryan and a slew of Buffalo Bills players saying they don't like the Patriots because of "the way they carry themselves" and whatever else they can come up with.

It's easy for Bill Belichick to play these soundbites, post comments on the walls and drive all of his players mad with anger and disrespect, but I think it would fall on deaf ears.

Or at least be less effective than the alternative.

Lets be honest, it's hard to dislike the Bills. The main reason being they are no real threat.

Yes, they've won their fare share of regular season games over the years and Rex Ryan beat you in a playoff game during his time with the Jets. Again, it doesn't matter.

New England has owned the Bills for about 15 years and Tom Brady has more often than not came out as the victor against Rex.

There is no motivation here.

If I am Bill, I'm posting 27-14 everywhere imaginable. The final score of Week 1 for the Bills after they beat the Indianapolis Colts.

After this offseason where not just Tom Brady, but the rest of his teammates and coaches had to answer questions about Deflate-Gate, a beating of the Bills would be a nice "shot across the bow" towards to Colts saying they are ready.

Oh you lost to the Bills by 13? Well we just beat them 45-7.

That's what I am instilling in the Patriots this weekend. Honestly it doesn't matter who is on the other sideline.

And to follow Rex Ryan's method, it doesn't even matter if you know their names. As long as they beat the Colts the week before, it's perfect motivation.

All of the aggravation and all of the distraction this offseason was due to the AFC Finalist crying to the NFL. Sunday would be a great appetizer for things to come in Week 6.

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