[VIDEO] Gronk does Gronk things at his all-women football camp

What does Rob Gronkowski do on his bye week? Probably plenty of things he won't share with the press, but he started the bye off with his annual female only football camp Monday night at Gillette Stadium.

I was fortunate enough to cover the event, which was just about as ridiculous as I envisioned. The number of times "Fireball" blasted from the Gillette Stadium speakers was at least two. The number of times Gronk made "69" jokes was too many to count (although there was at least two during his brief media presser, one of which was explained as "an inside joke").

Other highlights included: a campwide demonstration during which Gronk explained how to "get off" press coverage (emphasis his),  a crack after one of the girls shoved him that "yesterday, according to the refs that was a push off", and Gronks father Gordie dancing just as much as his famous son does.

Here's some videos from the event, which was also attended by Gronk's aforementioned father and his oldest brother Gordie Jr. As you can see, Gronk is better at catching passes than throwing them.

Here Gronk needles his brother and gets payback in the form of a surprise blitz.

Note: this video is inaccurately named. Goon (the driver of his party bus) was there, but this is another one of the Gronk's buddies getting dropped.

Can't let your brother intercept you AND run it back. A mini Gronk-pile ensues.

Gronk did take a couple of minutes during the camp to talk to the press. Here's his presser in it's (near) entirety.

And of course, no Gronk event would be complete without it turning into a dance party at some point.  Of course Gronk knows how to Nae Nae.