Bill Belichick isn't one for grocery stores

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick held a news conference this morning with the media, and he mostly said nothing of substance like he usually does.

However, one unusual question came about. A reporter asked him if Patriots fans come up to him in grocery stores and say things like "Bill, kick Indy's butt, will ya?"

Kind of a ridiculous question, right? Belichick had a classic response.

"I haven't been to the grocery store in a couple years."

That wouldn't be funny if anyone else had said it. But because it came from Belichick, it's hilarious. The ridiculousness continued when someone asked if Belichick had been in touch with his family and friends.

"Have I heard from my family and friends? Yeah, sure."

Any time you get a soundbite from Belichick that isn't about football, it's usually pretty good.

Take this one, for example.

Or when he tries to joke with reporters about social media.

You get the idea.

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