John Harbaugh is still making excuses for Ravens losses

The Baltimore Ravens are 1-6, which easily my second favorite part about this season. The first is obviously the Patriots sitting at 6-0, but I digress.

Anyway, the Ravens latest loss came last night to the Arizona Cardinals, and Baltimore actually had a chance to tie the game on its final drive.

There was just one problem. The Ravens were having headset issues. Well geez, this sounds familiar now doesn't it? The best part about it was Ravens head coach John Harbaugh basically blaming those issues for the loss.

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"Phones were going out," Ravens coach John Harbaugh said after the contest. "Phones were going out, yeah. We lost the phones. There's always going to be some confusion, but the good thing was we got everything done fast. We didn't lose any time, I don't believe -- we'll go back and study -- but, according to the clock, we got things done pretty darn quick. But the phones were going out, so he couldn't hear. A lot of the phones were going out on that drive.

"So (OC) Marc (Trestman) had to yell, we couldn't get the personnel group, so guys had to run the personnel group on and off. All those kinds of things were really challenging to be honest with you.

"It was happening on and off throughout the game, but it got bad on the final drive."

It seems now more than ever, headset issues have been a topic of conversation. It happened on opening night between the Steelers and Pats (except New England was obviously cheating...) and Rex Ryan also complained about experiencing headset issues in London this past weekend.

Good coaches and teams know what to do when experiencing difficulties with headsets. Apparently Harbaugh, Sexy Rexy and Mike Tomlin didn't get that memo, but the Patriots didn't have any issues. The Patriots have gone over those situations in practice, and that's what sets them apart from the rest of the league. They try and simulate literally everything.

Harbaugh wasn't done complaining, though. He also took issue with Chris Johnson's 62-yard run in which he basically sat on top of a Ravens defender and never actually made contact with the ground. Harbaugh argued that Johnson's progress was stopped, but the officials didn't see it that way.

He was also seen complaining on the sideline after they completed a pass to an eligible offensive lineman and were called for an illegal formation. Hm...that sounds familiar too...wonder where they got that from.

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