Ring Envy - What Jets fans said - 10/25

The Patriots won a close game against the Jets at home in the battle for the AFC East crown. Jets fans for the most part were much more optimistic than year's past, obviously because their team is one of the best in the conference this year. However, things broke for them as they usually do and they were resigned to blaming the refs and making plenty of cheating jokes. My favorite was one fan who constantly was saying "we're the better team". The Pats limped into this game and still put up 30 points. Anyway, here's what Jets fans said...


It just seems like every time we play the pats we get ahead and then they just fuck with us and fuck with us and then WHAMM they step on our fuckin throats!!!

Where's that guy who breaks jaws? My man gotta catch that!

Is there ever gonna come a time when we can beat the Pats?

I've seen this before. When will it end?

You just have to tip your hat, as painful as this is.


Fuck Tom Brady. Fuck the Patriots. Let's go.

TDs not FGs should be our strategy today. Go JETS!!!!!


First turnover took 50 seconds. Great.

WOW! I thought we were going to start FAST man! WTF! Already a turn over?


Well now. So exactly what should not have happened, actually happened.

Get ready for a dumpfest by Brady

Holy shit, what happened???? I went to the bathroom and the pats have the ball??!!

Brady's eye black looks particularly effeminate today.

Spotting the Pats 3 to start the game probably isn't the best way to go. Let's see how they respond.


Cumberland baby! Outplaying Gronk so far today, take notice.

Looks like Pats are going to sell out to stop the run. Makes sense and puts us in a tough spot.

we need to go play action every 1st down. that's the pats game plan, stop the run on early downs

Stacy is as elusive as a 100ft concrete pylon.

screen to bohannon? wtf?

calm your balls Fitz

Ninkovich always making plays.
underrated player.

Get this chump Stacy off the field already, what the hell is our best player on offense doing on the sideline half the time?!

There is literally nothing more annoying than that stupid ass horn the Pats play every 2 minutes.

Cumberland with the pussy ass effort incomplete

Marshall and Decker? No let's throw it to Cunberland and Owusu.

Ugh. Can't believe we are using Dickfingers Cumberland on that play.

They can't keep up with the physicality of our receivers. Bad match up for them.

Pats doing Pats stuff.

Man oh man. They are going for it. Nope they are not. Bellichick you are a deuchebag.

Belichick is such a cunt

Bellichek trying to "pagano" the game

We have a better roster than the Pats. Ivory please come back!!!!!

The Pats D are time bandit-size. Fitz should Hail Mary it on 1st down.

If we get drawn into a low scoring defensive slugfest I like our odds

They are jumping the passes pretty well


ryan fitzhattrick

Were a better team than NE won or lose, were a better team

Breno: Ninkovitch keeps putting his mitts up, nail him in the mid section.

Pats front 7 is better than I thought

Pats going all in on the run

we can throw on them!!!! were moving the ball!!

Owusu is balls. There's no way Kerley isn't better than him.

Gailey needs to recognize that NE opts to stop the run

The Patriot killer strikes again! Keep him in the game!!

We ARE better than the Pasts

Definitely a pick play. Giving pats a taste of their own medicine.

Fuck tom

Great look on Brady's face!

Tom Brady sideline hissy fit

Nice TD there by Kerley !!!

lmao bill getting frustrated

fitz to kerley, could not ask for a better drive.
2 more of those today and we will win

Turnover would get huuuuuge now. I hope Revis picks off Brady.

I want to see Brady on his ass now.

Tommy looking like he's gonna have a meltdown

Brady's such a spoiled f-cking brat. Prick shakes his head like the world is against him. What a tool.

Who's paying off these refs? Pats have gotten off scott free on several blatant missed calls, but they throw the book at the Jets.

The Jets look in complete control...win or lose...I like the team's composure...they seem very well coached....just wish Fitz was three inches taller

Keep whinin' Tom

LOL that dink and dunk shit aint going to work today

Wow Pats not even trying to run, this plays right into our hands

I can sense the cheaters dialing up some cheating scheme, both on offense and defense.

Wow, Pats stand alone in their ability to get away with defensive holding & PI

With no punting we're going to get screwed on field position.

Why would we sign him in that fashion for this game? Great job dick. Once again special teams is our weakness.

Man, our ST are so bad.

I'm wearing my Quigley jersey WITH PRIDE

weatherford sucks!!! my granny can punt better!!!

Inflated footballs are hard to catch

Freaking choke hold on the right side of the line

lafell doing what he cn to keep us in the lead

where is the fing holds on the cheators?

where is the motherloving holding call on the o line

oh man - wilk almost comes up with the pick

Brady willing this drive, he's still a faggot

god damn mother fucker, we need to blast the fuck out of brady if he's opening himself up like that. i don't care if he scores or gets the first down, make the bitch pay.

Would love to see some one slap the ball away from that pussy as he jumps

fuck these cheators come on now offense answer back

Do these fucks have all the luck?

Listening to the commentators suck Brady's nut sack is repulsive.

That scramble was a killer. Gotta contain Brady and put him on his ass there.

Damn special teams.. We need a punter badly

The Jets are better than this team... Anything less than a W is a let down. No moral victories, today. Win this game, we are better team

i'd take a punter in the first round at this point

Edelman playing with fire. Can we knock this guy out of hte game?

if this smelly cunt runs with the ball again he better take some big hits.

Lafell 3 drops today, I like him


Game is going south here in my opinion

Before the throw everyone knew it was going to Gronk.

Skrine with the POP!!!!!

fuckin A right. That's how you fuckin hit!

Was that a holding call against the patriots???? WOW

1st and 20 let's take advantage

How the hell did that ball get in there?

hell of a catch there

If I ever find out I have a terminal illness, I'm taking Brady with me.

Exactly the same half a yard that killed our last drive...c'mon.

Have to say that was an impressive catch though. We got finger tips on it and Pryor rocked him as he caught it and he held on.

Just proves we gotta beat the pats and the zebras today!!!

Nice !!!!Brady fell like a bitch

Brady crying on field LOL

What a coward Brady is

gostkowski is a damn robot

I hope we don't get Gotkowski'd to death today

Has gostkoswski EVER missed against the jets?

This field position for the pats are killing us.

Brady looked like an 8 year old girl afraid of being hit

Pats have no run game. We have to find a way to stop their passing game. Seriously. Zero runs for Pats and we are still losing. This shouldn't happen.

who is this "lafell incomplete"?

Can someone explain to me what it was we just saw? That's one thing I will never understand about the NFL....and what separates Bill B. from other coaches... What the flying FUCK is it with the conservative bullshit? Attack...attack...attack..

skrine out hurt since that shot on Edelman... shoulder

Jets weathered the storm. They will win this game in the 2nd half

Conservative play calling is killing me. 4th and a blade of grass and we fuckin punt ?

By far some of the most classless fans in the league. Booing an injured player.

This game was over when we kicked a field goal on the 2

brady is just throwin up jump balls all drive

can someone please fucking smash brady already?

It just seems like every time we play the pats we get ahead and then they just fuck with us and fuck with us and then WHAMM they step on our fuckin throats!!!

Did they just say "Tom Brady was victimized by his receivers"???

Lets be honest, Revis is not what he used to be.

Must be hard to catch balls with air in them.

I think you're massively under-selling the Jets. They are real deal. Likely not SB caliber yet, with Fitz too unreliable... But more than capable of beating the Patriots. Not saying it will happen or is likely, but they are in the game and have a real chance to win.

Can we start playing like we got a pair

Kerley's the Jets version of Edelman with these little hooks and slants.

I need to find a way to convince ISIS that Tom Brady and Bill Belichek are responsible for all the suffering in the Muslim world.

Holy shit! Fitz showed me something on that drive...Hell yeah! NE is in a "game" now aren't they?? ;)

I still think we're due to get Gronked to death. Just sayin

Defense better step up now. We need a turnover or at least a sack or something.

Gotta admire Fitz's toughness. He's taken some licks this game. I'd prefer he not put himself in those position, obviously, but still glad he's not made of glass.

Pats don't know how to play big boy football.

The game becomes alot better to watch when you mute your TV.

Cro cant stop anyone today.....

We can't even get a break and get the damn fumble... :p

They are the luckiest fucks in the NFL

Lafell 5th drop

Please keep throwing to Lafell.

Wow Pats can't catch. Not every drop has been a well thrown ball tho to be honest

"dropped by lafell"wonder if he is related to "lafell incomplete"

The dropsies are out 12th man today!!!

Lafell butterfingers

Jets getting very lucky with all the drops so far

Properly inflated balls...
Too early? ;)

If we win, you know the excuses for the pats will be the drops

Already seeing the drops excuse for New England developing ...

Pats getting lucky on non-calls.

all of a sudden, ivory looks just a little better

the Pats* aren't stacking the line like they were

Hate saying this...Ground and pound, play defense.

lol Marshall screaming like a girl

This has been a real treat of a game, I have to say. I'm happy to be able to cheer for a time like this, despite their flaws.

Run the ball, extend the lead

Shit we better win this game, can't stand these pussys , would send a huge message right up krafts ass

This team is legit. There is no reason we can't take the division.

Ok im on the Fitz train. Hes convinced me today

Holding calls against Pats in Foxboro. This is history in the making.

Stadium is really quiet

Pass interference ... That's a Jets first down

Pats starting their temper tantrums

lol, butler throwing a hissy fit

Butler surprised because he's never had that called as PI before LOL

Exactly. Spoiled little brats

Long drive loving it. Marshall fade. Shit he had decker if he leads him

Cmon Matshall!


Oh Brandon

Oh Brandon!!!!! We'll be looking for those points later. DAMMIT!!!!!

Marshall with a bad drop

This guy drops the easy passes and makes the hard ones.

Damn.. At least the patriots can't use the dropped passes as an excuse anymore

Time to blow Brady the fuck up.

Tough play but Marshall has to make that

Im also on the fitz train from here on out. He won me over

Dan Fouts is a patriots nut hugging sob.

Where's that guy who breaks jaws? My man gotta catch that!

Shit...La Fell giveth and Marshall Taketh away... LOL
It's alright...it just feels different...anyone else feel it? It FEELS like we can win this game...I'm not skerred.

Absolutely loving this ball control offense and seeing Tom powerless on the bench.

Bowles is holding his own against Belichek

Run? What? Not today. NO RUN FOR YOU!!!!!

3rd and long
Let's go d


how do they let them convert such a big 3rd down...

edelman is fucking roach

3rd and 17 how the fuck does that happen

3rd and fucking 17. Gotta get off the field.

Oh for fucks sake.

Can someone tell me how in the fuck we allow completions like that? How?

I'm not NFL red but I'm pretty sure there is holding on the pats every other play

New England is holding every play

How the fuck do we lose track of Gronk???

Here comes our Gronk spanking! This game is over

That's just embarrassing ugh... Come on cover the TE's for christ sake

Had to turn off sound...announcers jizzing their pants every Pats completion.

This brady is so lucky

Richardson hurt...again glee in Fouts voice

Lafell is an undercover Jet. Lol


I have no idea how he caught that ball

Just not good enough by the D there. Just not good enough

Letting a winnable game slip away.

Typical jets loss. Fucking sick of this crap

Marshall drop already costing us

Dan Fouts is stupid
Amendolla "took air outa ball"

I know. Brady fumbles and the ball is kicked back to him. Nine out of ten times you kick a football its not going to go where you intended it to and that dude kicked the ball like a place kicker to Brady on the ground. hahahahaha

Hold hold hold hold

Sneaky tommy

fuck fuck fuck

That's probably game.
Fucking hate the Pats. They make me sick.

Stop throwing the damn ball to Bumberland. What a worthless POS.

yeah throw to the guy you cant throw the ball to

Is there ever gonna come a time when we can beat the Pats?

Big defense series right here folks. This IS the game..

well then back to the pats offense

These are the moments where you wish you had en elite QB. It is what it is

why didn't we go for it?

This is when the playmakers on D have to make a play.

Can someone answer a couple questions for me...WHY are we throwing to Cumberland? WHY did we pick up Weatherford again? WHY can't the fuckin' Jets get a god damn stop on 3 & 17 EVER..when we need it? Why why why why...

Not sure why we punted. Not gonna see the ball again. I don't care what Marshall does the rest of the season he's dead to me

You can't make as many mistakes as we have made today if you want to win in New England. Stop blaming the refs

are we even trying anymore ?

Patriots making plays

These guys are catching everything

their just making plays, we are dropping tds
difference in the game

"The Patriots offense they're not going to hand it to you". Yeah, what were those 10 drops then, strategy?

They might as well be up by 40

Sucks. We could have had this one.

Defense not getting it done

Can we intercept this fucking guy.

No passrush. Our DLine looks gassed

I've seen this before. When will it end?

We can't stop anything

And the pats score a TD!!!

Well, that's the difference. Amendola makes those catches today, Marshall didn't.

No consolation for hanging with them,,,,u have to make a stop and win this game!

6th drop by lafell

Done...that's the ball game with that rushing 1st down...I've actually turned it off...I can't watch this anymore...always the same fucking story when you talk about this team and the NE Patriots. I couldn't care less whether it was a loss by 3 or a blow out.

Fitzpatrick getting ready for his swan song today

Hopefully LaFail stays.

Sad it really is just sad

Amendola killing us

Hate to say it but the D was not good enough. No way. No how.

This LaFell guy sucks lol

Fuck my life.
So sad we just didn't hospitilized Brady the motherfucker today.

Someone forgot to tell Bowles you can't beat New England playing not to lose

Hey, we were in a game we were supposed to lose. We made mistakes and overcame many of them. Good game no matter the outcome.

You want to beat Pats up there, you have to get at least one turnover from them and you have to be close to perfect on offense. We didn't do either. Will be a tough loss

It's no longer football when you can have under 10 running plays in a game and win, you think you could throw 50 times on the steel curtain

My point you can't win against the cheators when the refs are not calling the game even That is all I am asking the holding on the Jets drive 1st and ten but no can't blame the refs? the waved fair catch but then runs it? can't call that? the above...... fucking A I am not asking for them to cheat just fucking call it right. As far as mistakes the Jets made two today a fumble and a drop, you can't get better then that. but Jets dlinemen asre int he backfield but falling down, that is not holding mother fuckers

You just have to tip your hat, as painful as this is.

Jets clock management just lost game

defensive playcalling has been awful. The offense didn't lose us this game

Brutal loss

DUMB ASS TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Course we suck man its so fucking sad

....again, this shit is SO PREDICTABLE!!!

What the fuck was that, the whole sequence sucked ass

bullshit they just keep getting the call s and no calls fuck them I hope brady gets throat cancer from blowing the refs

Same old bullshit .....diffrent regime....everything changes but nothing changes

I can't wait until Tom Brady retires!!!!!

Fuck you Boston. Fuck you Patriots. Fuck you Bellichick. Fuck you Brady. Not because I can't stomach my opponent being successful, but because a whole league allowing you to have your way by cheating. You are the scum of earth and yet you keep winning.

That drop was probably for the best * looks at feet*

Brady shredded the defense....Brady is the best QB that's ever played...

OMG shut these two .... ah fuck Mangold is down.

Oh god
this game is just a clusterfuck

Another year we will be faced to play for a wildcard. So sick of this.

It sucks to lose to these prick Patriots, but the Jets played 'em the whole game.
We'll see these bums at our house next time and revenge will be sweet.

Fire in Brady's eyes at 10-3 Played with passion all game.

Fucking cheating fuckers

Anything is possible.
3rd and 17 tho. God dammit

What a comedy of errors

Fitzpatrick sure is stupid for being a Harvard grad good god