Julian Edelman has no sympathy for the Colts' trick play

While everyone watching in the stands and on TV were baffled at the Colts' fake punt attempt last night, Julian Edelman and the Patriots weren't surprised. Edelman said as much.

Phil Perry of CSNNE.com:

"You know, you're not surprised with anything, how they play," Edelman told reporters after the game. "They tried the onside kick. They did that. You know. Colts."

"I'm glad they did it," he said. "We got the ball back with great field position. We were alert. Our guys went to where we had to go. And, um, shame on them, trying that again."

The play certainly caught Devin McCourty off guard.

"We prepared for a lot of stuff this week, but that's not usual," said Patriots safety Devin McCourty. "It was a good job by the guys on the field, though, being aware."

McCourty also said he was shocked that the Colts actually ran the play, even though it apparently should have never happened.

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