Son of Jets TE coach rips Antonio Cromartie, Geno Smith on Twitter

We haven't had any drama with the Jets in a little while, so here's something to shake your head at.

Jimmie Johnson, the son of Jets tight ends coach, who is also named Jimmie Johnson, was in the Jets' locker room after their loss last Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles and proceeded to take pictures of Antonio Cromartie and Geno Smith, posted them on Twitter and then bashed them.

The tweet against Cromartie was captioned "Antonio Cromartie and 2 of his 15 kids." The one against Smith read "Bum ass Geno Smith."

Clearly this guy isn't that smart, because there was no way Cromartie and Smith weren't going to see the tweets. Cromartie responded appropriately.

Both tweets have since been deleted.

I like making fun of Cromartie as much as anyone, but this crosses the line. You never make fun of a person's family. Johnson tried to tweet Cromartie back with an apology, but Cromartie wasn't having any of it.

I’m not going to apologize for what I said in regards to my kids. You don’t take a picture of my kids and talk trash.”

“Again, you can talk about me all you want, but my kids are off limits. You just don’t play with people’s kids. His actions were unacceptable and hopeful he learned that.”

It's safe to say Johnson probably isn't going to be allowed back in the locker room for a while, if ever. Jets head coach Todd Bowles said the situation had been handled in-house.

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