Tedy Bruschi: 'Patriots won't overlook Cowboys'

Even though the Dallas Cowboys won't be anywhere near full strength this Sunday when the Patriots come to town, former Patriots linebacker and current ESPN analyst Tedy Bruschi says that Bill Belichick will not let his players overlook their opponent.


“I don’t think so because it always feels good when you beat up on the Dallas Cowboys, I don’t care who’s wearing the uniforms,” ESPN analyst Tedy Bruschi said on WEEI’s “Dale & Holley” on Monday. ” I think the way these players are and the way the Dallas Cowboy mystique — even the way they hold themselves from Jerry Jones all the way down, it’s just a team that you want to beat and you want to beat badly.

“I wouldn’t worry about a letdown. I’m not concerned about the coaching staff and them doing that. I think they can find plenty of threats to use during the meeting hours and during the meetings during the week to get them to know how dangerous they still are.”

It's obviously very true that the Cowboys are an opponent that every team in the league would love to beat, no matter the situation.

Dallas is rich in history, but they are not rich in talent as they currently stand. Tony Romo, Dez Bryant, Sean Lee, Lance Dunbar and others will miss this game, which spells disaster. Brandon Weeden will be the starting quarterback, and he's lost 10 straight starts. He hasn't been as bad for the Cowboys as he was for the Browns, but Dallas hasn't beaten anyone good this season.

That said, beating a team like the Cowboys will still feel really good for the Patriots and the fans.

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