Tom Brady was the leading rusher for the Patriots yesterday

Photo courtesy of The Boston Globe
The Patriots' running game took a huge hit yesterday when it was announced that Dion Lewis was going to miss the game with an abdomen injury. So who was going to shoulder the load? LeGarrette Blount? No. James White? No. Brandon Bolden? No.

Tom Brady? ....yes!

Brady led the team in rushing yesterday on four carries for 15 yards and a touchdown. Unreal. Brady isn't about to get used to that, though.

Per Mike Reiss of ESPNBoston:

"I should enjoy this because it will probably never happen again," he cracked.

Brady's biggest rushing highlight of the day came on a third-and-10 inside the red zone. Brady ran for 11 yards on the play, setting the Patriots up to tie the game at 10 in the second quarter.

"They had pretty good coverage and I just saw a little seam, so I just kind of rumbled toward the goal line," Brady recalled. "It's good when I have the threat of the ball in my hand, because they're not quite sure if they can go drill me or not, so I just try to keep pump-faking as long as I can to keep them all at bay."

It was certainly fun to watch Brady run, mostly because he looks kind of goofy when he does it, but it was discouraging to see Blount and White do so little. Granted, the Jets have the top overall defense in the league and Lewis didn't play, so that didn't help. Had he played, the rushing stats would look a lot different and the score may have been a little more lopsided than it was.

Let's hope Lewis returns on Thursday night against the Dolphins.

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