The Jets sounded pretty bummed after losing to the Patriots

Can you blame them? As happy as Patriots fans are about the win, things could have easily gone the other way. But the Jets won't be the last team to feel this way this season.

Jets guard Willie Colon thought the Jets had New England right where they wanted them:

“I am (angry),” he said. “I feel like we had them. I feel like we were the better team out there but obviously we were not.

“They beat us fair and square and that is the bottom line. We have to do better and execute better. We have to make more plays.”

Enjoy walking back to New York, Brandon Marshall:

On his dropped touchdown pass in the fourth quarter:

“That’s all on me. If I make that play, it puts us in a better position. I didn’t make the play and it put our team in a bad situation. You have to make those plays in games like this, so it’s all on me. It will definitely be my fuel this week to get better.”

Eric Decker talks about his match up with Malcolm Butler:

“It was a battle all day,” said the 6-foot-3 Decker. “I won some, didn’t win some – obviously you don’t see those because the ball isn’t thrown your way – he’s a good football player. We’re gonna see him again so I gotta make sure I’m ready to play and make plays when you’ve got opportunities.”

The Jets collectively praised Tom Brady:

“Tom is great,” Darrelle Revis said after Patriots 30, Jets 23, “at dissecting any defense, and that’s what he did down the stretch. He ended up making more plays than us. He ended up finding the matchups that he wanted to find, and making throws he needed to throw.”

“That’s why one day that guy will be in Canton,” Calvin Pace said.

“It’s not frustrating, it’s exciting — I got to play against a legend today,” safety Dion Bailey said.

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