NFL suspends Aqib Talib one-game for giving the ole' eye poke to Dwayne Allen

Was it worth it, Aqib?

From Adam Schefter of ESPN:

Talib inexplicably poked Colts tight end Dwayne Allen in the eye in the fourth quarter of last night's game. Talib was flagged for unnecessary roughness and essentially killed any hope of Denver staging a late comeback with time on the clock.

Now one may ask themselves what implored Talib to walk from across the way over to Allen to poke him in the eye. According to Talib, there's a perfectly good explanation and reason for his actions:
You think I play football to poke people in the eye? It was an honest mistake. From my angle, I see (Allen) head butt Von a little bit. I went over to poke his head, and I think my hand slipped and hit his face. He acted like he got in an 18-passenger car wreck. I guess that's what type of guy he is.

Yeah, his hand slipped, duh.

Photo credit: USA Today