Ring Envy - What Redskins fans said - 11/8

Redskins fans may be some of the most tortured fans in the NFL today. They haven't won anything significant since 1991 and their fans are sick of it. Who could blame them? That being said, Redskins fans knew they didn't have a prayer against the Pats, but that didn't stop them from berating their hometown team. They mostly complained about how much Pierre Garcon and their receiving corps sucks, as well as the Redskins playing scared. Very few cheating comments, which is always nice. Here's the best from what Redskins fans had to say on Sunday. 


And the Redskins turn it over after the ball bounces off Garcon's hands. I wonder if they serve shots in the press box.

What a dick move by the Patriots going for an onside kick. But also, you know, of course ...

This like getting bullied so far, the Pats are doing the stop hitting yourself thing to us


This is gonna be the longest 3 hours of my life.

So far so bad.

They screen so much better than we do.

Better they kill the hope by Q1 anyways so I can run errands.

I'm not sure if I have enough alcohol in the house...

Way to screw those fan duel guys over garcon

This is a throwaway game for me. I'm watching it for the lols, not for success. (Blackmon is is impressing me, though). So far, I have not been disappointed.

I live in Boston. Pray for me.

12 men, still untouched

Just watch how well the Pats execute. This is how we are supposed to play the game.

Absolutely pathetic. This team needs to go up a couple of notches to get to humiliating.

Garbage time might start before the second half today.

Dion Lewis is sick. But he's still only 5'8", he shouldn't be stonewalling Keenan Robinson on a blitz. Embarrassing.

We tried cheating, still suck.

We actually had 12 on the field to stop the play, not someone running off, and still could do nothing.

Somebody tell me why I'm watching this.

+14 points was generous to the skins tbh

Close to the worst start possible onsided and down 2 scores with only one snap

What was the line on this game? Yeah, I don't think we're gonna cover. lol

I tried to stay positive, but who am I kidding? We suck.

Sometimes I feel like the Redskins, their opponent, and the rest of the NFL is trolling the Redskins fans

At least we're tryin to.. Oh hell, forget it, we suck..

I think we all knew this was gonna be painful, the reality is so much worse.

Garoppolo will be playing by the 3rd quarter.

****ing garcon.

NE 24 Plays, WAS 1 play. Cute.

But we beat Tampa Bay last week. We can't be this bad!

Just as I thought, looking like a division 2 school playing Alabama.

Kirk deserves better. **** the redskins.

Come on.. Help out your QB people! Damn!

What a joke, so pathetic. I think they're legit scared.

Holy ****!!! This is ridiculous.....WTF!!!!!!

What the hell is going on with the drops!!

Man, even if Kirk was actually good we'd never know BECAUSE NO ONE CAN CATCH THE DANG BALL!!

Now I'm convinced that the Redskins are trolling us.

3 drops! Lets go with 4 after Grant on the onside

Our receivers can really all go **** themselves.

if the D is going to get trounced and the O is going to be drop-city, i might just turn to the Raiders game.

They want to lose by 40 apparently.

This is just sad total opposite ends of the spectrum these two franchises

How about you bums catch the ****ing football??

Why did I have to be a football fan from DC? :(

Maybe we need to deflate our footballs

Can we catch a ****ing pass???????? ****.

You have got to be ****ing kidding me! 3 good throws, 3 BAD drops. Thanks for showing up! 63-10 coming up!

Look ma, no hands!

Somebody tell the Redskins that the bye was last week.

Three very catchable balls and three drops. They're scared. Playing stupid and scared is a bad combo. They've completely bought into the Pat's hype.

This team needed Amari Cooper so bad. Damn

Our receivers are ****ing scared!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is what separates our franchises. They execute, we don't. Simple as that.

Our receivers need the ball thrown under-hand... Cousins has been perfect... The rest of the team knows they do not belong on the same field as the Patriots... If the Patriots want they will lay 60 on us...

Kirk I'm sorry. Nobody showed up today besides you. This is an embarrassing performance. I don't care if it's the Patriots, this is a joke. Wish I could get paid millions to not do my job either.

Team just wants to go back to the "comfort" of the suck-ass NFC East. This game is like taking a toddler to see "Apocalypse Now."

In other news, the Redskins are a giant turd and don't deserve to even be on this field today. Grant, Garçon, and 89... Go hit the showers. Youall suck ****.

Literally amazed at what is going on. I thought we would be better than this? This is an absolute disgrace and why this franchise is the biggest joke in the league. I love this team but my God.

Its the yellow pants!!!!! Look like pansies in them, play like pansies in them.

It would be less embarrassing to have forfeited and sent the team buses directly to the airport than to get on the field and suffer the beatdown that this game is turning into.

WTF!!! Was that??!!!!!

Kirk needs to grab his sack and go ape **** on the sideline. Get in those ****es faces dammit! Hell, he's finally on target throwing good passes, but apparently our receivers forgot to wash the baby oil off their hands last night. Wtf???

WTF is Culliver doing. ****ing air ball and he just stands there and stares at it.

That was awesome. Our defense is like fine Swiss cheese.

If the Redskins were to play a perfect game by their standards, they would still get beat by 28... we are on our way to a 49 point loss... The best thing to do would be to run every play the rest of the game... our receivers can't catch the ball anyways...

Wow the patriots are playing street ball with us.. what a ****ing embarrassment.

Nice coverage! Oh well, Im watching something else.. Embarrassing..

Cover LaFell deep...or nah?

They might as well have scrambled a B-17 to drop that bomb into his hands. They had the time for it.

Brady just heaves up a lame duck and our defensive backs can't even locate their assignment or the ball.

We've now replaced our 3rd quarter woes with 1st quarter ones.

You cannot have scripted a ****tier start.

Of course Brady makes the tackle SMDH

Finally Keenan caught one lol

We just doubled Bradys pick count lol

Wow, a pick? That's unusual.

omergerd a LB caught an INT.

2 takeaways in the 1st qtr and were still down 14

2 turnovers so far by D. The announcer just said those are NE's first two turnovers at home this year. Nice job D. Sadly our O is poo.

Someone caught the ball! Hooray!

Finally a first down!!!!!

We caught a pass. Amazing.

The referees screwed us again. Tom Brady made no attempt to tackle. He threw his legs out to stop Robinson, that's a personal foul. Would have been deep in Pats territory.

yay a catch...how many points is that

To make myself feel better: We're on pace for +4 turnovers today.

I glanced at the Pats board. They are feeling sorry for us......

Our screen plays suck.

And Jackson falls on his face for his first catch of the season. Sigh.

Of course sack. Morgan Moses forgot to, you know, play.


Gruden is a moron.

Fourth and 7? Sure why not. Fourth and 11?? WTF are they going for this for?

Might as well go for it. The chances of winning this game are already about 1 in 10,000

Garçon too worried about making pizza.

Garcon... you've ****ed us twice.

kick the ***** field goal

I think the Redskins receivers dipped their gloves in butter before the game.

gruden is doing exactly what bb wants and expects.

Hard to convert 4th and long when one of your seemingly best receivers out on the field can't even catch a ball that's right in his hands. Really Garcon?

Garcon is an embarassment. I'm throwing my Spinfire rewards card in the trash right now.

NFL should check that Brady ain't greased them balls. smh.

Can we get some new receivers?

This game is a nightmare, of epic proportions, but, I don't think we quit, we are just getting outclassed. Which, is really all we should have asked for going into this game

I'd be fine not having to play the Patriots for say, the next 5 years.

****fantasy tip**** Play whatever RB is facing the redskins defense.

Why is everyone so shocked? We're a bad team playing against the only modern day NFL dynasty.

lol How is Gronk that wide open?

These guys are slobbering all over NEs dick. The real story of this game is the ineptitude of the Redskins. Sure pats are great, but we are playing like a bunch of morons who have no idea how to play the sport. NE is playing American football...WAS is playing soccer.

Refs threw a flag because they feel so sorry for us.

How many cast-off or mediocre RBs have they had? Corey Dillon has been the only elite player they've had at the position their entire dynasty (am I missing someone?) Blount has bounced around the league. Shane Vereen? lol Wideouts are some dude and some other dude for almost the entire time.

We have no business being on same field as the Pats,sad but it's the truth : (

So, this is what two week's planning looks like.

Yay! Now they will only lose by 48 points now!

246 yards to 17.

This is like wheeling your recliner out into the driveway, grabbing a six-pack of beer, setting fire to your house and watching it burn to the ground...

Being a Redskins fan is a venture into madness....Hail

Halftime show getting a chuckle out of the onside and mocking us. Screw them.

Pats are just consistently consistent. if the Skins could get out of their own way, this might actually be competitive.

Dude **** this team.

EL OH EL. We Redskinned that drive away

You know what's funny? I just thought that this was so deflating for the team, and I wasn't even trying to pun it up.

I expected to lose. The Pats are a team on a mission. But this is probably their worst game so far. We're just playing amateur football. Complete clown shoes from everyone but Kirk and Trent.

Easy announcers, first they cheated. Second, they have a HOF QB, one of the better all time at reading defenses.

The topping on this **** show WOULD be me losing Lewis in all my fantasy leagues. Jesus Christ.

Who the **** told Gruden to challenge?!

Too many dropped passes!!! Figured it out! The patriots have litterly applied butter on the football!!! Buttergate!!!! Damn u cheaters!!!!

awful and pathetic are two terms that come to mind. You have 6 guys around Gronk and cant stop him from getting the first.

Brady makes it look so easy, especially when his receivers concentrate and actually CATCH the football.

Brandon Bolden would most likely do that to every ILB trying to cover him deep.

The Patriots should be taking a knee on every play at this point. Ridiculous that they're trying to run up the score/stats like that.

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