Tom Brady named GQ's Man of the Year

Tom Brady is one of the most polarizing athletes of the 21st century.

He's got four rings, he's good looking, and he's got a good looking wife. Oh, and he might just be the best quarterback of all time...can't forget that one.

GQ loves him so much that the magazine named him their "Man of the Year," along with President Barack Obama. So Brady and the President of the United States are named in the same breath. No matter what your feelings towards Obama are, that's pretty sweet.

He's featured on the cover of the magazine's 20th anniversary edition, set to hit shelves on Nov. 24.

As part of his photo shoot for the magazine, Chuck Klosterman wrote a piece about Brady and argued that he is the greatest quarterback of all time. Here's the beginning of the article, which you can read in full here.

Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback in NFL history.

That’s just my opinion, and that opinion is fungible. If someone else had made the same claim five years ago, I would have disagreed; five years ago, I didn’t even think he was the best quarterback of his generation. But the erosion of time has validated his ascension. Classifying Brady as the all-time best QB is not a universally held view, but it’s become the default response. His statistical legacy won’t match Peyton Manning’s, and Manning has changed the sport more. But Brady’s six Super Bowl appearances (and his dominance in their head-to-head matchups) tilt the scales of hagiography in his direction. He has been football’s most successful player at the game’s most demanding position, during an era when the importance of that position has been incessantly amplified. His greatness can be quantified through a wide range of objective metrics.

Brady also said amidst so much controversy, he doesn't care how non-Patriots fans view him and the team.

“I don’t really care how the Patriots are perceived, truthfully,” Brady answered. “I really don’t. I really don’t. Look, if you’re a fan of our team, you root for us, you believe in our team, and you believe in what we’re trying to accomplish. If you’re not a fan of us, you have a different opinion.”

Sums it up perfectly.

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