Tom Brady-Bill Belichick combo continues to dominate

The combination of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick in their 16th season together, continues to destroy the NFL.

Brady is having one of the best seasons of his career and is an early MVP candidate along with Cam Newton, whose Carolina Panthers are also undefeated.

He also has already set a career high in passing yards.

It's amazing to think we're heading into the Patriots' 10th game of the year and Brady can easily hang another 2,000+ yards if he wants to. It's also amazing to think that Brady had only thrown for 3,032 yards in one season, but that also was aided by the fact that he's had better running backs than he does right now. By virtue of that, it makes sense that Brady has eclipsed his career high already.

Belichick, meanwhile, is now second all-time in consecutive winning seasons.

With how much Brady seems to have left and the way Belichick coaches, there's no reason to think Belichick can't tie or break that record.

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