Tom Brady to Brandon LaFell on the pick: "That was a [expletive] throw"

With the Patriots driving down the field midway through the fourth quarter last night, it felt as if the tide was finally turning against New England's biggest boogeyman.

Up 24-23, Tom Brady had the offense at the goal line ready to add to the lead and stomp out the Giants with one final score. Everyone in America thought that score came when LeGarrette Blount ran untouched to the right past the mass of bodies for the touchdown, but center David Andrews was whistled for holding.

Two plays later on 2nd and Goal from the five, Brady stepped back in the shotgun and uncorked a ball towards Brandon LaFell on a slant route across the goal line, with the ball thrown too far behind him and at corner Trumaine McBride instead.

It was Brady's third pick of the season, and when the Patriots were so close to effectively icing the game with a touchdown, the Giants were gifted the ball back and, like we've seen too many damn times before, drove down the field to make something happen with it.

(Except in a turn of events from what we've seen the last three times out, not everything came up peaches for New York).

Postgame, Kevin Duffy of caught an exchange between Brady and LaFell in the locker room where the QB took the blame for the pick:

Photo credit: Rolling Stone