Bill Belichick isn't a fan of Leonard Johnson dancing, talks Brandon Bolden

Shocking development in Bill Belichick's world: he doesn't like Leonard Johnson's dancing. Who would've guessed?

"We'll have to see if we can slow that down a little bit," Belichick cracks.

Johnson of course made a huge play on 4th-and-4 with the Texans inside the red zone in the third quarter, and proceeded to dance like a maniac. It was certainly funny, but the old curmudgeon ain't having it.

He did, however, praise Brandon Bolden's skill set. With LeGarrette Blount out and Montee Ball still learning the offense, Bolden will be asked to shoulder the load as the No. 1 running back.

"He has been a valuable guy for us on all four downs, so whether it’s carrying the ball, making tough yards, playing as a sub back and playing in the kicking game, he’s shown a lot of versatility and given us a lot of quality plays in all those situations," Belichick said. "I think his skill set is really, really good. He’s got good quickness. He’s got the ability to break tackles in space with his playing strength, but he also has quickness to make guys miss out there, too."

Bolden has been with the team since 2012 and has filled in admirably when given the chance. Belichick praised his run vision and his toughness.

"He’s got good run vision, sees the holes and sees where there is space," Belichick said. "The play that he made at the end of the game last week in Houston was a really good cut, good play on his part. I don’t think we had the play blocked for the kind of yards he made on that play. He got six or seven yards with his vision and getting the ball into space on the cut back and probably made another four or five yards just with his running strength and balance to knock over a couple tacklers and pick up the first down.

"Probably a little over half that yardage came on his vision, his run instinct and then a few extra yards came on his physical running style and balance. I think that run is a good indication of all those things being a part of his playing style and effectiveness."

Bolden is also a guy who is no stranger to playing in cold weather, given the amount of time he's spent with the team.

"He’s carried the ball in cold, sloppy weather and protected it for us as he’s matured and grown in our system," McDaniels said. "He’s a dependable guy. We trust him to blitz pick-up. We trust him to be in the game in those critical situations when you get a lot of different looks from the defense.

"He studies hard. He’s a guy that comes to work and prepares well. There’s always been a lot of talent with Brandon and his dependability, and his ability to do a lot of different things within our offense has just improved with each year that he’s been here. Brandon’s a good runner and he does a lot of things that are really valuable to our football team whether it be on offense or in the kicking game. We’ll try to certainly do the best thing we can here going forward in terms of how we use him among the rest of our backs."

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