Report: Danny Amendola avoids major harm with re-sprained knee

Due to the multitude of injuries to big time pieces on the 2015 Patriots, fans have developed a terrible condition that drops them into a coma whenever a player takes even a half-second longer to get up off the turf following a play.

That continued yesterday against the Titans, as Dont'a Hightower, Pat Chung and Danny Amendola all came up lame at different points of the game, prompting Pats Nation to again dread the possibility that all three starters were in for some more missed playing time.

In the case of Chung and Hightower, they both checked out following the game and seem to be no worse for the wear moving forward. It seems we can add Amendola to that list, too.

According to the Boston Herald,  although Amendola did tweak the left knee sprain that he suffered back in the Week 13 matchup against the Eagles, the injury isn't season-ending, and he's expected to be ready when the real season gets off the ground in January. The Herald source deemed Amendola to be "OK," adding that it's likely he'll miss either one or both of the two remaining regular season games against the Jets and Dolphins.

Amendola was injured late in the second quarter after he returned a punt 22-yards just before mid-field. He came up favoring his leg and began flexing his knee trying to walk it off before being attended to by the training staff. Amendola came out of the locker room following halftime but didn't remain for long, eventually going back to the room.

The 33-16 victory over the Titans combined with Denver's loss to the Steelers secured a first-round by for the Pats, which will be paramount to getting everyone as close to 100% as possible leading into the Divisional Round.

On the season, Amendola has appeared in 13 games and caught 63 balls for 631 yards and three touchdowns.

Photo Credit: CBS Boston