Ring Envy - What Texans fans said - 12/13

Not a ton of suprises coming from the Texans camp. Their fans really expected this one and took it all pretty well, considering. This is probably the only fanbase I've done this for all season that wasn't constantly complaining about the referees or broadcasters being biased towards the Patriots. Seriously, good on you Texans fans. Of course, that probably has a lot to do with how downtrodden they are about their own team, especially former Patriot backup and current Houston starter, Brian Hoyer. Anyway, enjoy!


I've been waiting all day for sunday night.

finally a texans game makes it to tv here, shame its the half 1 slot

Think we'll see a very aggressive Patriots team. Its been a while since they lost 3 in a row. We gotta come out firing out the gate. Their defense isn't that stout so there shouldn't be any reason for us to not score points this game

Weird, but I feel good about this game......but I got the bourbon ready for backup.

Let's see if the pats line grab watts neck hole again to prevent him from jumping. There will probably be a lot of quick stuff from brady. Offense, limit 3 and outs. See if they just straight up put 2 defenders on nuk.

Clowney with the butt tackle.

Let's hope they get something going on this drive. The last one was pitiful. Is Kubes back in town?

Keshawn might break one. I guess it wasn't him after all.

Oh my, sheesh. Falling down defenders don't really cover that well.

Lol, but boy am I ever inspired seeing McNair and Smith on the sideline.

Brady is just deadly efficient inside the 10.

Jj is gonna turn into villian with all his trash talk. Not that i mind.

Wide open. Two fouls, awesome. Looking coached up tonight.

Are we wearing letterman jackets again?

Can't play when he's not in the game. Godsey is not a good OC.

I love the angle showing Watt's roughing the passer, the ref looking directly at the play and missing the obvious holding of JJ's shirt around the neck collar

He caught it but Hoyer under-threw that one with that peewee arm.

Underthrowing the receiver by 10 yards...Schaub is that you?

They have a running game, we're hmmmm.

Brady is just so smart. It's 2nd and 2 and he sees our CB playing 10 yards off. He's like.....okay? 1st down.

Say what you want about Brady, be he is one of the best for a reason. His entire demeanor shows confidence on every play like he knows he is going to succeed.

Quit with the wildcat my gosh

Is D Hopkins getting double or triple teamed. Why have we no thrown it his way?

We really do have quality backups at QB and RB !!!

Getting ran over by some scrub lineman.

If we can't get to Brady, we can't honestly expect to win this game.

It is typical Patriot football....nickle and dime you to victory.

I can never understand how these players whiff tackles. Wrap up. Its not rocket science.

Chance to go into half with a lead or down by 1. Let's see if we can milk 4 minutes and then come away with points.

This is the perfect test for Hoyer. We need him to put the team on his back. Can he do it?

Such a boring offense.

Belickeck getting nervous ?????

No, Brady and the Pats will eat the clock up with long possessions; boring but effective offense

I think Id rather have Kaepernick than Hoyer.

It feels like a cat playing with a mouse, the Pats playing the cat role.

Brady look so calm in the pocket

Keyshawn Martin is kicking our ***.. Who does Deveir Posey play for?

Demps on Gronk 1 on 1. So easy a caveman could do it.

There is one of our lucky bounces, now CAPITALIZE!!!

you kidding me, wide open TE up the seam and he threw it two yards in front of him. Receivers dont know whether to speed up or slow down to catch his trash....

Glad to see they're playing for field goals

Dumb, dumb wildcat crap.

Why wouldn't we take the points there? Everyone knew Hoyer would throw to a covered receiver.

Great turn over. This will change the game. Time for the Texans to turn it on.

Hoyer just, man he's just not good. Get the ball on the 21 and can't take that gift and make six.

Oh Hoyer we love you

Fumble or not, this is the real Brian Hoyer.

Pats going down like flies, and Texans still look like a high school team.

Out coached.... Again

Hoyer didn't even look... He is clueless. He keeps messing up.

Time for the TE bomb wide-open from Brady to ANY tight end, like we give up this year.

Man, Clowney with a flash of what could be right there. Excellent play.

Why are they celebrating? We are down 14 and offense can't do a thing. Celebrate when you win.

We should be tied right now. . if Hoyer wasn't in we would be. He has screwed us out of at least 14-17 points or more.

The Pats did everything g they could to lose this game. The Texans, just don't have the ability to take what is being given to them.

Does Hoyer know the rules about fumbling? Or just not care?

Do we have an offensive line?

Hoyer single handedly lost us the game.

I don't want Hoyer benched. I want him gone. Out of Houston. Go...get....bye.

Hoyer has no business in the game. He is shaken and cannot even feel the pass rush.

He appears to not know a lot, including trying to recover his own fumble.

Does hoyer have a concussion?

Hoyer sucks. but is not his fault we are losing. is this whole ****hole of organization...

Boy next week is gonna be fun in Indy!!!

The Patriots look at the Texans with a giggle. They always have and tonight proves just how much better they are in every facet of the game. We need a QB badly, always have. Some will think I'm nuts, but if Mallett had gotten his act together I really believe he would have been that man. Hoyer lacks that certain something and I don't see him ever getting it. Coaching, somethings missing there.

Okay, there's 11 minutes left. We're behind by 3 td's. Stay with the long huddle, snap the ball at 7 seconds ont he play clock and we'll run the ball. Schmart.

Need to cut Griffin. Never seen him so unfocused. Our TEs are such a problem. CJ is making a harmful penalty a game now.

Ok Stop with the Wildcat!!! News flash It Doesn't Work!!!!!!!

And.... That caps off the amazing night for Hoyer

Hoyer just broke in half.

Wildcat was NEVER going to work against Belichik. He studied too much game film to be fooled by it. I am just curious why our coaches thought it even had a chance of working.

What's worse is our receivers aren't helping Hoyer at all. Just way too many dropped passes that should have been caught.

hahahahah *** is wrong with the play calling.

Y'all laughed at me, but if he had been wearing his Marge hair he wouldn't have been concussed.

Yep... Yates looking like an All-Pro out there!

Heh.....3 and out.

Why is Yates dropping back to pass!?!? This game is over, run the ball and clock and this travesty of a prime time game.

Clowney had a pretty good game.

Just plain terrible! Not much else to say. Clowney had a good game for nothing....shame.

This maybe Brady's last game in Houston.

When Michelle Tofoya asks why you got 6 sacks tonight the correct answer is...because the Houston Texans Offensive line SUCKS!!

The Texans are not ready for prime time !! Hoyer cannot win games when playing catch-up !! We will be lucky to win 2 of the last 3 games ... For the Hoyer supporters he sucks stop trying to make excuses for him ! Weak arm and terrible vision period

Dern you hard knocks. Deeeeeeerrrrrrrn uuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!

Hoyer has the bad habit of patting the ball before throwing it. Bad mechanics there.