Tom Brady and Bill Belichick both spoke to the media earlier today and had interesting bits from their press conferences that are worth sharing. We'll start with Belichick first.

For what it's worth, I love Belichick's press conferences. He gives the media nothing and is so crass that it's hysterical. He had another great line today when asked about why the Patriots and Rob Gronkowski's family put out a statement about the tight end's injury.

"We're trying to do everything we can to help you out....sorry if you're offended by that."

Classic Belichick. Love it.

Brady, meanwhile, said he's tired of low hits and wants them to be banned.

Per Tom Curran of Comcast Sportsnet New England:

"I do think they should change some of those rules with defenseless receivers," Brady said Wednesday. "I don't think there's anything different from a chop block. Everyone else has their legs protected in the NFL. Quarterbacks get their legs protected. Defensive linemen get their legs protected. Linebackers get their legs protected. I don't see why a defenseless receiver shouldn't get his legs protected either. Maybe that's something they'll look at in the offseason."

A low hit was the result of Rob Gronkowski's last two injuries. Low hits on defenseless receivers have resulted in countless injuries over the years as well, so what Brady is saying certainly has some substance. It's certainly possible that Brady could have set the wheels in motion for the issue to be looked at in the offseason, seeing as how he said as much.

Brady also said the health of his receivers is always on his mind whenever he drops back to pass.

"Absolutely," he said. "You know when the defender is in certain positions and you never want to throw to a certain zone where a guy's just eyeing you and lining your receiver up and it's a big blow up. A lot of time it's outbreaking routes and a corner that's sitting outside and they come from the outside in and hit your receiver. You never want to do that, we talk about that all the time. Obviously, it's a contact sport, guys are gonna get hit. You hate to see one of your guys take hits."

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