SI cover photo of Brock Osweiler features clear shot of a missed holding call on the Broncos

I hate that this is something that's being talked about, but since it's made some noise, we have to talk about it too.

Sports Illustrated's latest regional issue features a shot of Broncos quarterback Brock Osweiler from Sunday's game against the Patriots, which is all well and good. But there's an interesting wrinkle. In the background, you see Dominique Easley of the Patriots clearly being held by a Broncos offensive lineman.

Whichever play that happened on, no penalty was called. The only thing that it really does is fuel the argument that the refs screwed the Patriots. I've already expressed my thoughts on the officiating so I'm not here to get into that again. But case in point, it's just stupid to blame them for the Patriots losing. Anyway, here's the picture.

That picture pretty much sums up how the game went towards the end for the Pats, but it is what it is. Why Sports Illustrated chose to use that particular photo is anyone's guess. I'd be willing to bet they probably paid no mind to Easley and just wanted to focus on Osweiler. But of course, some people are taking it as something more than what it is.

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