ESPN ranks Tom Brady as the greatest player in Super Bowl history

A year after ESPN seemingly made a mockery of Tom Brady and the Patriots for Deflategate, they won't stop showing him and the team love now.

Their latest attempt at fawning over Brady came when they ranked him as the greatest player in Super Bowl history. Brady has won four titles, tied for the most all-time with Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana. He's also won three Super Bowl MVP awards.


When asked which Super Bowl ring is his favorite, Tom Brady's response is always the same: "The next one." Brady's relentless pursuit of the "next one," which is a yearlong endeavor in which he shapes his eating habits and sleep patterns around being at his best on the football field, is as strong as ever at the age of 38. Brady is only the third quarterback in NFL history to lead his team to four Super Bowl wins, joining his boyhood idol Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw, and he's a three-time Super Bowl MVP, which matches Montana for the most ever. Brady is also the all-time leader in Super Bowl passing yards (1,605), touchdown passes (13) and starts (six). What makes Brady rise up on the biggest stage of professional football? "I think his consistency," said Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, who has worked directly with Brady for nine seasons. "Even though these games have a finality to them that some games in the regular season or preseason don't have, he approaches it the same way." And there is no end in sight. Brady hopes to play well into his 40s and at this point hasn't shown much, if any, signs of decline. -- Mike Reiss

ESPN also made a video explaining why they think Brady is the best ever. For Patriots fans, what's said in the video is nothing new. For the detractors, it'll just keep the burning hatred for Brady alive...not that any of us care about that part of it.

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