Ring Envy - What Chiefs fans said - 1/16

For a team that had won 11 straight heading into the divisional round against the Patriots, Chiefs fans acted like a pretty pessimistic bunch. To no one's surprise, there were a few people bitching about the refs, Gronk and Edelman being wide open all the time, etc. Any Chiefs fan who had confidence in their team seemed to give up fairly quickly, so that always makes for great comedy. And hey, only ONE "cheaters" comment in this entire thread! That's impressive! 


Watch your back, Pretty Boy!!!!

We beat them 44-14 here at Arrowhead last season. Could do it again

When it comes to the Patriots in the playoff watch out. IMO this is the year of the Chiefs. Go Chiefs!!!

The Patties are a pretty banged up team. The problem is there are two key players that can do the damage. Brady and Gronk. I feel the defense can handle them. The Patties defense although is decent is not even close to the Chiefs IMO. You can run on this team and the Chiefs have the players to do just that. I am hoping for a higher scoring game by the offense this week.

I'm nervous as all hell!

Good job Dee Ford

Well that didn't exactly go as planned.

Bs I'm turning this off!!! No holding calls.. no offensive PI on grok on td for pushing off. We have zero chance!!!

Dangit another timeout used

They aren't gonna let kc win..no way in hell..they want ratings

Let's go D! Get in Brady's face!

Just can't get them off the field UGH

Sean Smith misses an easy pick-6.

I want this game so damned bad!

Looks like Hammond isn't worthless after all

Yet anther team who is not fooled at all by the screens UGH

Bad play calls that series

Bad hit by the patriots

Amendola head hunting and a handful of missed calls. Looks like somebody wants one last meaningful Brady manning matchup

That's about as dirty as it comes.

That play should have been an ejection.

That amendola cheap shot makes him a target to get broke in half if you ask me

We've lost this game

Brady threaded the needle there

BS Complete BS

I'm trying to jinx the patriots

Can't believe this implosion

Yes, it was roughing the passer. The same roughing that happened to Alex Smith but didn't get called.

Oh well, at least we finally won a playoff game.

What's happened to this team???

Dammit. DAMMIT!! DAMMIT!!!

Since we are not outplaying the Pats, we need Andy Reid to outcoach them. Uh oh.

Oh well

That's the difference between Kelce and Gronk, Kelce will go over you gronk goes through you

What losers!!!!

The Chiefs may want to consider getting in the end zone at some point.

Well it is what it is.

Nobody frikin gets it!!!!! No frikin way the nfl let's kc win!!!! No holding flags on pats. No late hit on our qb but yes on *** boy?? No PI on grok in front of frikin ref for pushing off on TD?? They ate holding our receivers past 5 yds every play..

Time to see if were contenders or pretenders

What a ****e start

The nfl is only about money.. kc in superbowl won't bring money...

UGH pretty much gives it away

And also firk these commentators up pats arses

And I wondered why Davis doesn't play more. Now I know why!

Games over. Knile davis dont let the door hit you jn your a..s..s on your way out. You wonder why you havent been playing much. You even had it covered with bkth arms and you still fumbled.

And i was just about to type that Davis came to play today :(

Can't turn the ball over to Brady, especially when you have yet to get in the end zone. Game over.

It's my fault. I said to my wife no more then 90 seconds before Knile's fumble, he's got slippery hands. Should have kept me mouth shut! God damn! Now he fumbles? If the Pats score a TD, I highly doubt we'll win this game.

WHY are we blitzing?

Well I think that just about does it.

How is Gronkowski wide open!!!!

Game over. Thanks knile davis. You sir suck balls.

Our defense is our Achilles heel and it's getting torched.

Well I'm on-call tonight and just got called in so I won't be able to watch the rest of the game. That should GUARANTEE a Chiefs comeback.

And this is the Alex smith I was worried would show up

Oh look we actually have Kelce run downfield and he can get yards AMAZING

5 runs in the 8th to beat Houston by the Royals... The Chiefs got this!

Just can't stop them

No Defence!!!!!!

Geez! Edelman is open every frickin down. Our D looks pedestrian.

We got them right where we want them....

Well we finally got in Brady's face but not before letting them into field goal range.

No doubt about it, Pats are the better team. We need some breaks to win this one.

Game Over it was a good ride

Awful Awful play calling on second down, we look dreadful when we are constantly trying to throw screens.

Jones... Going to have a synthetic blunt for a sack celebration tonight.

Dan Fouts is an IDIOT

It's now or never. Play of the game so far is the Knile Davis fumble. Im done with the Knile experiment.

It still could be one of the Greatest Chiefs game ever... I didn't win the Powerball, but, you never know...

Andy reid got out coached in a big game once again. Reids play calling and game plan sucked. Also maclin not being 100 hurt us as well. We should have just made him inactive and made a game plan without him in it. It might have hurt us mpre than he helped.

Its was a good ride. We have a lot of holes everywhere

Oh, now we get pressure on Brady now that the game is decided.

Smith is constantly under pressure, o line playing like we are 1-5 again

Hightowers a cheap MF

No horse collar flag??? Again firk you nfl your bigger cheaters then the pats

Awful clock management

WTF are they doing

Now it sucks.... bad clock management

These announcers are horrible, for both teams...

There's that amazing clock magic fat Andy is known for

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