Darius Fleming saved a woman from a burning car last week

Patriots linebacker Darius Fleming saved a woman from a burning car in a three-car wreck right near Gillette Stadium last Thursday night. Fleming received 22 stitches after injuring his leg as a result of his act of bravery, and still played last Saturday against the Chiefs.

The story first broke when St. Rita High School, his alma mater, posted about it on their Facebook page.

Apparently, Fleming wanted to keep the story under wraps. A very admirable thing to do for someone who risked his life to save another.

Safety Devin McCourty said when the team heard about the story, they encouraged him to give a speech about what he did.

“Darius was really quiet about it, but once the team got a hold of it, the guys on the team, we forced him to give a speech and everything,” McCourty said. “He explained it was very simple: He saw a woman’s car that looked like it was smoking, and he just jumped out of his car. He’ll admit there was probably an easier solution, but I think it was nice and dramatic — kicked the window in and pulled her out.”

Truly a heroic, selfless act. Way to be, Darius.

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