Rob Gronkowski had a crazy 3 days on his cruise

Christopher Muther/
This past weekend, Rob Gronkowski partied like only Rob Gronkowski could. This time, he and his family took the party to the water and spent three days on a cruise that he dubbed "Gronk's Party Ship."

Gronkowski called the three-day shitshow "the most turnt up event ever."

One of the most unintentionally funny things about this cruise was that most people who were on the same ship as Gronk had no idea this was going to happen.

While there are a lot of ridiculous things that happened on this cruise, here are a few highlights:

1. Gronk offers $10,000 to a couple if they had sex in front of him and a bunch of other people

2. Gronk dances with Flo Rida's back-up dancers

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3. Gronk's dad Gordie going nuts on stage


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