Roger Goodell continues to be a moron, won't release PSI data

Aw, F*ck, Troy. Looks like we were wrong all along,
Roger Goodell claimed at one point that the NFL was going to release data regarding the PSI level in footballs measured during the 2015 season. Turns out he lied. Shocking.

They don't care. They never cared. But to make it look like they cared even a little bit, they performed "spot checks," basically making sure no one else may or may not be deflating footballs. They never wanted to understand how air pressure in footballs worked. So instead of understanding the science behind deflated footballs, the league just wanted to make sure no one else was "cheating."

Once again, Roger Goodell has failed. He's a moron, but we already knew that. A full investigation of PSI levels in footballs throughout the year would have painted a clearer picture as to whether or not the Patriots tampered with footballs prior to the AFC Championship Game last year.

Now, we're all left to wonder about air pressure in footballs just like we're wondering what was on the tapes that the commissioner destroyed in the aftermath of Spygate.

However, if you're a Patriots fan, there is reason to be happy about the league not releasing any data.

This much we know: the league has data. It was sent to the league office last night. That's when Goodell came out and said no data would be released. Why would he say that?

It's reasonable to think that they aren't going to release anything because it supports the narrative that the Patriots didn't do anything wrong. Imagine how bad the NFL would look if it released data that went in favor of a party it helped paint as cheaters.

If the data had favored the NFL, there is no doubt in my mind, and others, that it would have been released for the public to see. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but it all goes back to how the league handles business these days.

Doug Kyed of NESN believes the league should release the data no matter what. It seems like that's probably not going to happen, though.

No matter what, it's a no-win situation for the league. They didn't get the results they wanted, and they have another black mark against themselves. They screwed the pooch from the outset, and they just keep running themselves deeper and deeper into the ground. They slandered a player (Tom Brady) who had nothing but a clean record until this whole thing happened, they continued to slander the Patriots as an organization, and now, because of inconclusive evidence, they're out of a first-round pick this year. And New England is still in jeopardy of losing it's Hall-of-Fame quarterback for the first four games of next season

All because of "more probable than not," which looks even dumber this morning than it has at any point since the Wells Report was released.

What a joke.

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