Maybe the Ravens really do need to study the rule book

John Harbaugh still doesn't know all the rules. John Harbaugh is still a dumbass. 

The NFL will investigate the Ravens for using full pads at a recent rookie minicamp, which is illegal. These practices were taped, so it won't be hard to figure out what happened. 

According to the Ravens, they had rookies suit up in pads for a non-contract drill for about five minutes. They didn't remember that under the current CBA, all practices held before training camp are to be completed without pads. Once they found this out, they quickly pulled their players off the field. 

It's really a non-story, but it's funny to mention given that the Ravens have been the center of a ton of controversy and whining, especially when it comes to the Patriots. Maybe Tom Brady was right after all. Maybe they really do need to study the rule book. 

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