Zoltan Mesko working to prevent head trauma in football

Former Patriots punter Zoltan Mesko is taking on one of the biggest issues football is faced with - head trauma.

Mesko, who has been retired for a couple of years now, is looking to positively impact young football players after he watched an ESPN special on a player who prematurely returned from a concussion. With his love of science and physics, Mesko, along with fellow Michigan alum Benjamin Rizzo, are working on a project with Harvard MBA, medical and law students to improve the outside of football helmets in order to prevent concussions.

The project, a device called EXO1, is patent pending. However, he has received positive responses from NFL players, as well as high school and youth coaches.

Mesko never suffered a concussion in the NFL, but he did get one at the Senior Bowl when he was with the University of Michigan. He never reported it because he wanted to finish game.

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